About Zenith Aim Group of Companies


Established in 1989, Zenith Aim Group was registered under Malaysia company act 1965, setting its first headquarter in Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia. During the early years, the company started as an earthwork contractor, dealing with constructions of bridges, drains and many more. Slowly building its reputation. 

It doesn't take long for then the company managed to gather a fine class of management team, equipped with vast of experience in the industry. The company is independent and does not have to depend solely on subcontractors. Over the years, the hardwork paid off, and Zenith Aim Group is well-known as an established Property Developer company. 

By now, Zenith Aim Group have a strong group of companies under its belt. Each of these company is well-trained and focus to manage the company's specific area of business. Property developer (town ship), property management and construction trading to name a few. 

With the company's business expanding rapidly, Zenith Aim Group is currently venturing into Hotel, Golf Course, Plantation & Shopping Mall investment holding. With the completion of East Coast Mall shopping mall, a five-star Zenith Hotel, a 18 holes Golf Course & Club and Palm Oil Estate emerging by the end of this year, Zenith Aim Group is definitely marking its status as a well-established Property Development and management company.